We're passionate about flavor.

Growing up playing and foraging in the woods of rural Michigan, founder Owen Rice acquired a taste for morels as a child. This passion for the distinctive flavors of locally available wild and specialty foods followed him to the mountains of Oregon, where he founded Mycological Natural Products, a company dedicated to bringing gourmet edible mushrooms and other fruits of the forest to consumers and chefs, in 1995.

Today, Mycological has expanded its product offerings to include dried chiles and additional wild and organically grown specialty food ingredients.

Our vision is to not only bring delicious foods to discerning palates, but also to support sustainable wildcrafting and farming practices. Harvesting and marketing non-timber forest products (like gourmet mushrooms and other wild foods) creates a powerful economic incentive for conserving intact forest ecosystems. This means we can enjoy the bounty of the forests without needing to cut down trees in the process.

Plus, if you have ever experienced the delight of discovering edible mushrooms in the forest, you know that wild foods are tasty treasures that bring joy as well as flavor.

Scores of dedicated foragers gather seasonal wild mushrooms, seabeans, miner's lettuce, huckleberries and other wonderfully unique products. Their efforts have contributed to this region's worldwide reputation as a favored source for edible gourmet wild mushrooms and other foods.

Many of our cultivated products, including organically farmed mushrooms and chiles, come from small, certified organic farms in the verdant Willamette Valley (where we are located), and other regions. We work with dozens of small farmers to source the highest quality products and are excited to play a role in supporting the growth of sustainable organic farming practices.

From shiitake to Lion's Mane mushrooms, from chipotle to Birds-eye chiles, from blackcap raspberries to gooseberries, our strong relationships with foods and their growers and harvesters ensures that everything we sell is the very best available, and brings the same unforgettable experience Owen had hunting for mushrooms as a child.

Whether you are well versed in the delight of wild and organic specialty foods or are curious to try something new, we invite you to join us in experiencing the rich and complex flavors of our wild and organically grown specialty foods.


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